Sixth On The Block

Quality meats from a sixth generation butcher. 

Sixth On The Block is a full-service butcher shop and meat shop that specializes in quality meats, poultry, seafood, cheese, and so much more exclusively from Alberta family farms. 

Hi, my name is Rob Peters and this is my wife Pam. As a sixth generation butchers, we take pride and responsibility in providing the leanest, highest grade meats available in the central Alberta Area.

All of the meats we stock arrive to our butchery from hand-selected farms from around the central Alberta. Living in Alberta, we are blessed with fine pastures and farmland on which animals that live enjoyable lives can be raised. We know our providers, have personal relationships with them, understand their practices and regularly review their work. This way, Sixth On The Block can continue to provide the exemplary quality, affordable meat cuts it has become known for. 

Located Just Outside Lacombe - 20 Min North From Red Deer

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