Sixth On The Block

Quality meats from a sixth generation butcher. 

Sixth On The Block is a full-service butcher shop and meat shop that specializes in quality meats, poultry, seafood, cheese, and so much more exclusively from Alberta family farms. 

The definition of "Farm To Table"

Choose local, choose sustainable, choose taste, choose health.

Red Deer Steak

Red Deer, Lacombe, and Central Alberta

Our team of experienced meat cutters, sausage makers and wrappers are happy to offer you our service.

Quality steak is number #1.  

What's on the BBQ tonight?

Are you in Red Deer, Lacombe, or Ponoka and looking for locally raised steak?

Sixth On The Block is a fully licensed butcher shop serving Red Deer, Lacombe, Ponoka, Innisfail, Olds, Rocky Mountain House, and central Alberta.

We have all kinds of steaks, elk meat, bison meat, etc. just call and ask. 

From start to finish at our butcher store we custom process beef steak, bison steak, elk steak, pork, lamb and goat. 

Local. Sustainable. Grass-fed.

Buy Alberta Steak.

bbq sauce in red deer

If you are in Red Deer, sustainably raised steak and Alberta beef tastes fantastic. Local farming is also produced without destroying the environment and its safe to put on your families dinner table.

Supporting local Alberta butcher stores also supports responsible farmers who choose to use sound agricultural practices. 

Most people agree that sustainably raised steak simply taste better than anything produced by big industrial agriculture. There’s a dramatic difference.

Sustainably local Alberta raised meats have a wide range of nutritional benefits.

Red Deer Steaks & Alberta Beef

Cast Iron Ribeye

Cast Iron Ribeye

T-bone Steaks


Local sustainably raised Alberta meat, choosing local, also offers the choice in the safety of your meat if you are conscious of hormones, chemicals, nontherapeutic antibiotics, or unsavory feed additives that undermine public health. 

And of course, unlike industrial factory farms, local Alberta sustainable farms don’t sicken workers and neighbors by spewing harmful pollutants into the environment.

Louisiana Brisket Smoked

Louisiana Brisket Smoked

Red Deer Steaks

red deer steaks

Compared to big industrial factory farmed steak, our Sixth On The Block butcher shop meat contains less fat, fewer calories, and higher levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, beta carotene, and other important nutrients.

Smoked Striploin

Smoked Striploin

Smoked Striploin Cut

Smoked Striploin Cut


What is your service Area?

Sixth On The Block is a mobile butcher located in Lacombe but serving all of central Alberta from Red Deer, Ponoka, Olds, Rocky Mountain House, Sylvan Lake, etc. Just call us if you have a question!